RabbitsSome leaders are secretly afraid of reproducing new sites or new churches.  And if you could get inside their brains this is what you would hear them saying, “But if I send a hundred people to go start a new site, I’m not sure the existing church will be able to take that kind of hit” OR “If I encourage some of my best people to leave and go be a part of a church plant, I’m not sure our church could recover from that kind of loss.”  We have got to let go of that fear; the church was made to be a reproducing organism and designed to be a missional sending agency.

We had about 25 people move from Chicago along with Troy and Janet McMahon to Kansas City to start Restore Community Church.  This past weekend they had a great start with over 400 people at their launch.  We also sent out about 190 people mostly from our CCC-Naperville and CCC-Romeoville to go and start  CCC-Plainfield.  And if you are a reader of this blog you know that we had a great first weekend with well over 600 people at that new location.  So, what about the existing church that lost some of key leadership?  What about the existing sites that sent 190 of their very best out to start this new site?  How are they doing?  Are they going to make it?  I was looking at the stats that David Girdwood sent me and our attendance this past weekend was up by more than 1000 over the previous four week average.  Our attendance at CCC-Naperville was up by over 200 and CCC-Romeoville was up by almost 100 over the average of the previous month despite sending 190 people out as a part of the launch team at CCC-Plainfield.

I definitely don’t mean this as a boast, but only as a grace – it seems that God blesses Community when we reproduce and send people out to accomplish His mission.

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