Church plant[1] When Anne Jackson was at COMMUNITY last week we had lunch and I was asking her about potential campus pastors and church planters. I’m always looking for the best and brightest who are interested in planting a new campus or church. So I asked Anne, “Do you know any women who you think would be good campus pastors or church planters?” No one came to mind, but she said she would ask her friends through her blog. She gets a lot of traffic on her blog and she posted the question and has received a lot of comment and some fascinating responses. So if you have an answer to my question you can leave a comment here OR you can click over to Anne’s blog and join the conversation on her blog.

After I posted this Kevin Miller posted an appropriate critique of Exponential 09 and the lack of women church planters calling it, The Final Church Barrier for Woman: Church Planter.  It’s an important read.

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