9 READ: John 9

MY VERSE:  John 9:2-3 “His disciples asked him, ‘Rabbi, who
sinned, this man or his parents, that he was born blind?’ ‘Neither this man or his parents sinned,’
said Jesus, ‘but this happed so that the work of God might be displayed in his

MY REFLECTION: Our grace-deprived spiritual reflexes cause us to
assume that when bad things happen to us it must be because of something bad we
did. That was certainly the case back in
Jesus day where affluence was always considered to be a blessing from God and
poverty the denial of blessing from God. Even though I know God’s goodness is a grace that is given undeserved I
still find myself thinking that if I screw up God will get me and if I will
just be really good, he will bless me. (And the hard part about this is the
partial truth within this – that if we live life God’s way, Jesus promises it
will result in an “abundant life”.) The
disciples assume since this guy was blind it must be the result of his sin or
sin in his family. They ask Jesus about
this and he says, “No, this is not the result of sin”. Jesus doesn’t explain why the blindness, but
he goes on to explain that God will take this bad situation and turn it into
something good. He will redeem it. God will re-purpose it. And He does – Jesus heals the blind man and
gives him his sight! And story of the blind man’s healing is told all over town
and has now been told for 2000 years. Literally billions of people throughout
history have been inspired by this story to trust Jesus.

MY PRAYER: Father God, give me the courage to say, “Blessed be
your name” in times of a lot or times of little, in times of success or
defeat. The same way that I give you the
credit for every good thing, help me to have the courage to trust you to redeem
the unpleasant and hard things. Help me
to trust you to redeem it and to re-purpose it. With love and loyalty, Dave.

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