7READ:  John 7

MY VERSE: John 7:46“No one ever spoke the way this man does…”

MY REFLECTION:  Jesus taught with such authority that those listening would turn to one another and say, “this man must be a prophet” or ask “is he the Christ” and then conclude, “No one ever spoke the way this man does…”. 

I have also noticed that in my own teaching when I use the name of
“Jesus” and not just “God” that my teaching takes on a different kind
of authority.  There is a different kind of power at work.  Can explain it, I have just felt it.  I have also noticed that when I listen to those people who are living out the mission of Jesus and clearly filled with the Spirit of Jesus they speak with an unusual authority.  It is not about the words they use or the elegance with which they speak; it is all about an authority that their words have.

MY PRAYER:  Father God, I would ask that Your Spirit guide me and my life in such a way that when I speak it gives me authority.  I ask for that so that I can use it for your Kingdom and your gain.  With love and loyalty, Dave

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