21READ:  John 21

MY VERSE:  John 21:17“Jesus said, ‘Feed my sheep.'”

MY REFLECTION:  Jesus said to Peter three consecutive times, “If you love Me, feed my sheep.”  Jesus did this for emphasis, to make a point to Peter and to make a point to me.  The point is this:  that if we are following Him it will result in not just being fed, or even learning to feed ourselves; the end result will be that we will join Him in the task of spiritually feeding others. This is spiritual maturity – growth and maturation that goes beyond the infant stage where someone must feed you; beyond the adolescent stage where you learn to feed yourself; to the adult stage where you take responsibility for the well-being of others around you.  Jesus is asking this of Peter back then, he is asking it of me today.

Father God, help me to constantly maintain a rhythm to my life where I am feeding myself through the discipline of prayer, study and listening to You.  Help me to be able to look back on my life and know that I have spent my life doing what You asked Peter to do, “feeding Your sheep”.  I also ask for your help, guidance and wisdom in mobilizing a movement of people who are all about feeding others.  With love and loyalty, Dave. 

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