20READ:  John 20

MY VERSE:  John 20:30“Jesus did many other miraculous signs in the presence of his disciples, which are not recorded in this book.”

MY REFLECTION:  Don’t you wonder what John is talking about when it says, “Jesus did many other miraculous signs…which are not recorded in this book”?  I can’t help but wonder kind of miracles He did.  Did he walk into a hospital and heal everyone?  Did He fly?  I mean He walked on water, so I flying isn’t unreasonable.  Did he make food multiply on more than one occasion?  And how did John decide which miracles to tell us about and which miracles to leave out?  Was the book of John, “the best of Jesus miracles?”  I don’t really think any of this ultimately matters that much, but it was the verse that just jumped out at me from John 20.  Maybe the one thing that does matter is this:  that as clear as it is to me from John’s writings that Jesus was God, if I had been there myself I would have been even more convinced!  It will be kind of cool someday to hear the rest of the story of Jesus when we get to Heaven.

Father God, thank you for the miraculous.  Let me never doubt your power to do the supernatural in my life or in the lives of those for whom I pray.  As I pray from now on remind me that we only have a fraction of all that Your Son did in the Bible; that He did even more miracles than I know.  Let that build up my faith and the faith of others.  With love and loyalty, Dave.

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