11READ:  John 11

MY VERSE:  John 11: 38, 39a Jesus, once more deeply moved, came to the tomb. It was a cave with a stone laid across the entrance. ‘Take away the stone,’ he said.”

  Yes, Jesus did miracles to prove that he was God and to increase the faith of those around him.  That is absolutely true.  But it is also true that Jesus did miracles out of compassion for real people.  This was a miracle out of compassion for Martha and Lazarus.  Just three verses earlier it describes how Jesus was crying because he missed his friend Lazarus and the pain that it brought those who loved him.  And Jesus responds out of compassion and love and does the miraculous – he brings Lazarus back to life after being dead long enough that his body started to decay.

Today, I had a lady come up to me with a little boy who had a handicap and she asked me to pray for the little boy. I prayed for the little guy and I ask God to heal him.  I believe God can do that.  If He chooses to do it – it will bring glory to Him and increase the faith of lots of people.  But I believe he will do it because He loves that Mom and loves that little boy.

MY PRAYER:  Father God, I acknowledge you as a miracle-working God.  I know you do miracles strategically, but I believe you also do it passionately.  Thank you for being the kind of God who is relational and a God who really cares about us.  Forgive me when I take that for granted.  With love and loyalty, Dave.

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