10READ:  John 10

MY VERSE:  John 10:27“My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me.”

When I am really “in step with the Spirit” this is what it feels like:  I can sense within me the Spirit of Jesus giving me guidance and that is what determines my every direction.  I think this is what God desires for me every second, of every minute, of every hour, of every day – for me to hear His voice and obey.  That is exactly I want for me and for every person at Community and in NewThing (and anyone who is influenced by us) – to hear from God everyday.  That is why this 21-day challenge is so important; I hope that it will establish a discipline where we all hear from God everyday.  If we hear from God everyday and do what He tells us to do – the church really will be an unstoppable force and the movement of reproducing churches that we dream about will happen and God’s dream for this planet will be realized.  It’s amazing that it all starts with simply being willing to hear from God and then follow.

Father God, help me (and every person reading this) to live our lives at a pace that allows us to hear from You.  Don’t let us run ahead of You and get beyond where we can hear Your voice; and don’t let us slow down so much that Your Spirit is out pacing us and  we can’t  hear Him.  Speak to me constantly.  Let me hear Your voice.  Give me the courage to do whatever You say  Today.  Everyday.  With love and loyalty, Dave.

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