1READ:  John 1

MY KEY VERSE: John 1:3“Through Him (Jesus) all things were made; without Him nothing has been made.”

MY REFLECTIONS:  This is the first day of the 21-day challenge and I’m going to try and record some of my thoughts on this blog as I work through the gospel of John over the next three weeks.  I may not post all 21 days here on my blog, but I will check in from time to time, in hopes that this will be an encouragement to you.

As I read through this chapter the first verse that really grabbed me was verse three where John continues to describe Jesus.  He is talking about creation and how he along with the Father and the Spirit created “all things”…and…“without Him nothing has been made”. That is not just a statement about the past, that is also a statement about the present and the future.  If we want to make anything  good it will be through Jesus.  Here is how this applies specifically to my life:

  • I want to make a family that loves God and loves one another. “…without Him nothing has been made”.
  • I want to make a marriage where where the focus is on loving each other and not getting what I want.  “…without Him nothing has been made”.
  • I want to give direction and vision to a team of amazing leaders at Community who one day see 200 locations and 100,000 3C Christ Followers.  “…without Him nothing has been made”.
  • I want to provide vision for our NewThing Networks and see them become a catalyst for a movement of reproducing churches.  “…without Him nothing has been made”.
  • I would like to do a good job at our Multi-site Practicum today.  “…without Him nothing has been made”.

MY PRAYER:  Father, you know the dreams and desires that I have for my life and for my family.  You also know the dreams and desires I have for this church and NewThing.  I know this will only happen through you.  I believe these ambitions are consistent with what you want; so I ask for them.  But I also know that they are only possible through you; so I surrender them to You.  With love and loyalty, Dave.

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