Allstar Jon called me yesterday to inform me that I was a part of the Daily Herald All-Star Team.  He was partially congratulating me and partially giving me grief since the position was “All-Star Team Chaplain”.   The article, titled Your 2006 All-Star Team started like this, “…members of our squad can bask in the knowledge
they’ve played key roles reflecting the
spirit of all that’s right in Naperville, Lisle and Aurora and making
our communities better places to live and work

It kind of reminds me of when I was in little league as a kid and I got invited to a special award ceremony for players that made the all-star team.  They didn’t tell us what award we would receive, they just called us up one at a time.  One kid got “best hitter”; another kid got “best pitcher”; still another got “best defensive player” and on it went.  And then they called my name. Guess what award I got?  I got “best sportsmanship”.  My mother was proud.  But as a kid I was actually disappointed.  I really wanted the “best hitter” award; what kid doesn’t?  So, it feels like I’m in little league again and I just got “best sportsmanship”.  But this time I’m taking it as a compliment.

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