It_4There has been no single message that connected with our staff in recent times more than the talk that Craig Groeschel did at the recent Leadership Summit based on his book IT. The talk had everyone asking, “Do we still have IT?”  “Do all our sites have IT?”  “Do some of our leaders have IT and some don’t have IT?”  “Do I have IT?”  While I loved Craig’s talk; it truthfully felt a little annoying and distracting from the mission to have people running around asking those questions.  But after reading the book, I realized (once again) I was wrong!  These are really important questions that we need to be asking of ourselves, each other, our sites and our churches.

Now here is some good news – Craig is doing a blog tour with his book, IT.  He will be here on September 18th answering a question regarding this terrific book. If you want to follow the tour, here are the other stops:

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