HaitiBy now
you are aware of the terrible disaster that has taken place in Port Au Prince,
Haiti.  They are estimating that
there may be more than 100,000 deaths.  In response COMMUNITY will take a
special collection this weekend for Haiti disaster relief by supporting
Global Orphan Project.  

The Global Orphan Project is
working to assess the devastation in Haiti and determine next steps of
action. The greatest need at this point will be to provide funds for their
Relief Food drive to get necessary food to those hit hardest…orphans.

The following is an email received today from the director of operations for the Global Orphan
Project:  “Thank you for your call,
encouragement and support.  Let me share a little about what is happening.  From
the earthquake on January 12th in Port Au Prince, we are just learning about the
devastation, loss of life and ruin.  Our team is headed there tomorrow – we are
praying they reach their destination, and can visit our two homes in the Port Au
Prince area.  The first, in Carrefour, just outside of Port Au Prince, has 106
children.  The second,  in Croix des Bouquets, has 109 children.  We’ve not been
able to reach them so we don’t know the impact, but both are very close to the
center of the quake.   Our mission is to bring immediate aid to those two
locations, as well as our other 1800+ kids around Haiti.  And, we
must also start addressing the needs of newly orphaned children – probably
thousands of them.   Food and water are going to quickly become scarce resources
in Haiti and we need to raise funds and
acquire these items for the least of these as fast as we can.  If there are
churches or groups that can give to our Relief Fund, we will immediately apply
those funds to our Relief Food drive for the children.  We will have
information, blogs, pictures and videos at  Global Orphan Project to keep folks up to date with what is being discovered this next week and our
plans going forward to help.”  – Alan
, Director of
Operations for Global Orphan

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