Arrested_developmentOne of our initiatives for the coming year at Community Christian Church is to clearly define spiritual maturity for people. There has been a lot of buzz within the larger church world about how people have misunderstood spiritual maturity to be simply showing up at church and attending church-related programming.  We want to be proactive and let people know that while spiritual maturity is something that is lived out in community it is not about getting a perfect attendance pin. In our Arrested Development series we are explaining that spiritual maturation looks something like this:

  • SPIRITUAL INFANCY = Getting Fed.
  • SPIRITUAL ADOLESCENCE = Feeding Yourself
  • SPIRITUAL ADULTHOOD = Feeding Others

This weekend is the second in our series where we will explain how spiritual adolescence is all about growing to a place where you learn to feed yourself by hearing from God. If I had one wish for the people of CCC it is that every person would hear from God everyday!  We are going to challenge every person to go on a journaling journey for 21 days. I believe this is one of the most significant weekends of the year for Community Christian Church.  You don’t want to miss it!

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