Christmas MiracleWhen is the last time you asked God for a miracle?  For the month of Decemeber at COMMUNITY we have been in a series titled, Christmas Miracles where we have dared to ask God to do what only he can do in our lives and the lives of those close to us. As an encouragement to ask big check out this story sent to me by Lane Hunter.  Lane is on medical disability.  Doctors told him he should have died years ago.  Lane experiences excruciating pain every single day but it doesn’t stop him in reaching out through email to many of his corporate business friends and acquaintances and asking God for a miracle.  With his permission, I’m sharing with you the e-mail he sent me yesterday: A man who used to work for me on the east coast was recently let go from his job, it was a shock to him after 28 years to be told he was out of a job and there would be no severance. He and I have been emailing back and forth sincemy disability. We have often talked about our faith, but he never took the step of faith; something always came up.When he let me know he was fired I told him to take it to God in prayer and if that did not feel like it was working, he should pray out loud, “God’s will be done.”  He took my name as a reference and interviewed at a few companies, the interviews went well but he was up against other people and it was close to the holidays. They told him they would call him on Monday morning. He did not get a call.  Yesterday he was in the car driving and suddenly started praying out loud, “God your will be done.” Ten minutes later he received a job offer. He accepted.  I told Mark that he should share his story with others and that he must remember that he was taken care of by God, and should now ask what can he do to serve God andothers. I believe this was a Christmas miracle happening to a man who was 54 years old and afraid of losing everything after a lifetime of hard work. Not every story ends like this, but this is one I felt like I should share.”  Are you asking God for something big this Christmas.  Why not. He does the miraculous.

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