GFR child 2 For the first time ever I want to ask you who read this blog or follow me on twitter or are friends on facebook to join me in taking a risk.  You see, for almost five years I have been posting on this blog and I have been on twitter and facebook for a couple more years.  When people ask me, “Why do you spend time blogging and twittering?” I tell them that I believe it is a way for me to influence people.  Hopefully influence them for the good through conversation and through my example.  Well, I think it is time for me to really take a risk and ask you to do something good.

I have friend at Community, Craig Swett who is trying to change a small part of Tanzania in the name of Jesus.  He’s not a pastor; he’s a Dad and a successful businessman that loves Jesus and is trying to be obedient to what Jesus has asked him to do.  Last year Craig and some friends flew to Africa for the first time and they were changed forever.  They came to face to face with about 50 families living in poverty that if they had a little financial help could be self-sustaining. After being confronted with this poverty they decided to do something about it.  They partnered with Global Family Rescue (GFR) and formed GFR Tanzania.   For just $64/month over three years you can allow a family in Tanzania who is living in poverty to be self-sustaining for a lifetime.  It will allow them to build proper shelter, farm some land and own a goat and cow.  This is what they need for a livelihood.

I have supported a family through GFR and then visited them and seen the transformation myself.  It was one of the most moving and profoundly spiritual moments of my life when I got to meet Faustin and Antoinette (the family we sponsor) in Africa and hear them say, “thank you.”  You need to experience this!

THE ASK:  Craig is returning to Tanzania with good news for the majority of the families that he met last year- that they will receive support for three years to allow them to start their own family businesses and be self-supporting.  However there are are still 11 families that have not received support.  Unfortunately they will see this as “God not blessing them.”  I would like to ask you to click HERE and support a GFR family for $64/month for the next three years.  Say a prayer and decide what to do.

Leave me a message, I would love to hear what you decide.

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