New Typelist – Stuff in the News about CCC & NewThing


I’m dong a few things to improve the blog and one of them is adding a new TypeList that features news articles on Community Christian Church and NewThing. If you want to check it out look down the left hand panel of the blog and it is creatively titled, Stuff In the News About CCC & NewThing.  A special thanks to Steve Brewer, CCC’s IT genius who made it easy since he tracks this on the CCC website.

If you are interested in digging around the archives there is an interesting news story from last August on the NPR website titled, Big Churches Use Technology To Branch Out.  If you go to the link make sure you also listen to the program they recorded on this topic for their radio program All Things Considered.  Enjoy!

Follow Janet on Her Trip to India

Janet_mcmahon_1I know that many of you (particularly from CCC) started reading my blog during my trip to Rwanda and said it “it felt like I was there with you”.  If that was you – then you might want to start reading Janet McMahon’s blog called Losing Life.  Janet has just landed in Mumbai, India as member of a team of ladies who will be teaching at women’s conferences in that part of the world.  I’m sure it will be an remarkable adventure that you won’t want to miss.

NewThing Church Plant in Knoxville


Add to the growing list of NewThing church plants – Knoxville, Tennessee!  Mark and Monica Nelson are currently doing a leadership residency at Community Christian Church and will return to Knoxville this Fall to launch in the Spring of 2007.  Mark is a gifted leader and communicator with a terrific track record in ministry.  I can’t wait to see what God is going to do through this new church!  Mark recently started a blog, Standing On The Desk.  Check it out.  He is chronically his journey during the start-up of this new church and is currently looking for suggestions of names for this new church.

Over the last few years the NewThing Network has partnered to start new churches: Jacobs Well Church in Denver, Colorado; Life Journey Church in Bakersfield, California; 242 Community in Detroit, Michigan; Forefront Church in New York City, New York and we have a team that will launch Reunion Church in Boston, Massachusetts on September 24th. We also have one church, Village Christian Church in the Chicago area that we piloted as an NewThing Affiliate Church.  There are a number of churches that we are now discussing the possibility of becoming NewThing Affiliates.

What You Need To Know To Start Blogging

Blog_1My friend and genius Todd Wilson asked me to review a 16 page tutorial for church leaders on blogging, podcast and RSS feeds. Once I took a look at it I asked Todd if I could share it you.  He said yes!  Todd doesn’t have a blog and to my knowledge has never been a part of a podcast; but his life is all about making sure that church planters are successful.  So he did the homework and put together this introductory on blogging, podcasting and such with church planters and church leaders in mind.

Here is your chance – if you are reading this and thinking, “Dave never says anything nearly as brilliant as what I would say…I should start blogging” this is your great chance.  Download this pdf – Download blogs_podcast_rss_feeds_2.0.pdf and get started.  Thanks Todd.

Stuff to Check Out…

Blogging_2If you are new to this blogging thing (like me!) and you don’t subscribe to Bloglines, you should check it out.  Bloglines is how I keep track of the 57 different blogs I follow. Whenever someone posts a new blog it comes up on the list in bold and you can check it out.  Good stuff.  Some of the stuff that I’ve been checking out lately:

Blogging Friends

BloggingI had the unusual experience of meeting someone yesterday for the first time that already knew a little bit about me through this blog.  Kinda weird, but very cool.  That person was Margaret Slusher of Leadership Network.  Margaret is the Director of Church Planting Leadership Communities, and since she was in the Chicago area we got together to talk about church planting.  She definitely knows her stuff, and like everything associated with Leadership Network, I came away impressed.  She is in the process of putting together a Leadership Community that would focus on church planting networks (like our NewThing Network).  I know that CCC’s experience in being a part of the first Multi-Site Leadership Community was a huge benefit to us.  It created a terrific peer learning environment with some healthy competition and just the right amount of accountability.  If you are considering joining one of thier Leadership Communities, I highly recommend it.  (And Margaret if your reading – “HI!”)

Sorry for the technical difficulities

Technical_difficultiesI’m still not sure exactly what happened during the last 12 hours… but it seems that was having some technical difficulties and no one could access my blog.  I did get this nice note from Jen – Hi Dave, We apologize for the problems that you’re seeing. We did an upgrade to our servers last night… Please let us know if you have any other questions. Thanks, Jen  Sorry.  But the good news is that we are back!

Malcom Gladwell joins the blogging world!

Malcolm_gladwellMalcom Gladwell has just joined the blogging world.  If you are fan of his books, Tipping Point or Blink, then you will want to subscribe to his blog,  His post from yesterday referenced an article from Science that supports his theory in Blink that important decisions should be made without deliberation.  We are doing a series this spring at Community Christian Church titled Blink.  Maybe we can talk to Malcom about it?