Blog IPO’s and Link Love

BlogI got a couple blogs that are IPO’s in the blogosphere. I’d like for you to check them out and/or pass along these links to people who would be interested.

The first one is for the wives of church planters and you can find it at  I took a look at the site and the content that Jen Antonucci is putting out there is good stuff and I have a hunch will be a great help to the wives of church planters.  (And yes there should be a site for husbands of planters — but we don’t have enough women church planters, yet!)

The second site is Color Outside The Lines; a blog that is offering “thoughts and musings on multi-cultural church planting”.  Mont Mitchell, the Lead Pastor of Westbrook Church; a multi-cultural church is very passionate about this topic and has a lot of experience to share.

And while I’m talking about blogs, some other bloggers have been giving this blog some kudos.  So let me return the link love by mentioning a few friends:

Thank you Steven Furtick and good luck!

SfheaderSteven Furtick is the Lead Pastor of Elevation Church in Charlotte, North Carolina and for reasons that I don’t completely understand is now the #1 search on Technorati.  He is literally getting a gazillion (??) hitsThe_big_idea_book_2
from all over the planet.
  To put it in perspective, Steven is six spots ahead of Paris Hilton!?!  Anyway,
I got a comment on my blog from Joe Ulrich (thanks Joe!) telling me that the first book listed on Steven’s blog is our book, The Big Idea.  Steven, good luck with your new found fame and thanks for getting the word out!

93 Year Old Blogger – "It Bothers Me I Have To Go."

Oldest_blogger_1Since I was in my teens I’ve always had a fear of being old.  I’ve never been afraid of death as much as getting old.  I’m not sure I can exactly explain why but I think it has to do with loving life and in some way feeling like my chance is over when I die.  I know this may or may not make sense theologically, but that is how I feel.

Donald Crowdis, the 93-year-old blogger of Don to Earth reminded me of some of those feelings in his post It Bothers Me I Have To Go. Here is part of what he says in that post:  “I’ve floated on the remark “Been there, done that” for some time now, but the notion that the moment is approaching when I can no longer say this bothers me. The truth is, I don’t want to go. There are many reasons. For too long I have behaved as if I could postpone going indefinitely, and thus have so many things that I must do first. I don’t want my successors to find out how much I could have done that isn’t done, not by a long shot. There are numerous notes and letters I must write. There are places I’ve wanted to travel, but never had the chance. Actually, each of you can, if you think yourself into my age, fill out the list. At least you can try to understand why I say that I hate to go.”

Get Your Swerve On.

Swerveblog_4Welcome Craig Groeschel & Bobby Gruenewald of to the Blogosphere!  They are partnering on a new blog – SWERVE.  Craig is a very gifted leader and Bobby is a creative genius.  I have no doubt that they will have some great content that will prove inspiring for leaders and artists.  So add them to your bloglines or however you keep track of blogs! They even give me some kudos for getting them started blogging.  I would love to think that is true.  Whatever.  Get your swerve on and check out their blog – it will be worth the visit!

Welcome Jon Ferguson to the Blogosphere!

Jon_ferguson_2Nate, who is the Lead Pastor at The Village (a NewThing Affiliate Church) asked me today, “What was the smartest leadership move you made in the first year of Community Christian Church?”  I told him, “Jon Ferguson…making sure that I started this church with Jon“.  While I absolutely love what I get to do with Community Christian Church and the NewThing Network, I know that if Jon was not around it would become a fundamentally different experience for me.  I literally can not imagine doing what I’m doing without Jon as my partner.  I hope I never find out!

“Jon Ferguson” is not only my answer to Nate’s question, it is also the answer to all of the following questions:

  • Who is the one of the best developers of leaders that I have ever met?
  • Who still knows more about small groups than anyone I know?
  • Who was my partner when we started D&J Lawn Service?
  • Who is the other founding pastor of Community Christian Church?
  • Who is the Executive Director of the NewThing Network?
  • Who was my roommate in college?
  • Who is one of the authors on the soon to be released The BIG IDEA?
  • Who just started blogging?

If you haven’t discovered Jon’s blog, check it out by clicking HERE.  He has some great insights on leadership, the reproducing church and what is happening in the NewThing Network.  He also takes some shots at me and they start with the title of his blog,  VISCOSITY: Leading Despite The Resistance.

More CCC blogs…

Ccc_2_2I want to welcome a couple more CCC bloggers to the blogosphere!  The first is Big Ideas about Small Group.  This is a blog published by our CCC small groups team (but I think it was mostly Eric Metcalf’s idea).  This blog will be used to train, equip, cast vision and tell stories about the power of small groups.  I love it!  Secondly, you should welcome Sean Bublitz – worship leader extraordinaire at the CCC’s Yellow Box.  He started sharing some of his thoughts at A Life Far Less Ordinary.  So, check out both their blogs; leave a comment and tell them I sent you!

Thanks, but…

Thank_you_7I want to send out a “thanks, but…” to a couple of cyber friends.  First to Bucketology who listed me (and Eric’s Eddyfications too!) on his Top 10 Blogs I Visit Almost Daily.  Thanks, but I have only posted once in the last four days (and that had to do with catching people talking on the cell phone while sitting on the john!?!). So, to you bucketology I pledge to be more daily.  Secondly, to Scott Harris who put me on his Sweet Links ListThanks, but I have been so busy with stuff and traveling to NYC & back that I couldn’t get in a post.  So, to you, I will to try to sweeten your reading content more often!  Thanks!