Catalyst_07Today started really early with me meeting Jon and Julie Bullock (newest member of the CCC / NewThing team) at the Yellow Box at 4:30 am for our ride to the airport.  We eventually arrived in Atlanta, checked into our hotel and stopped at Chick-fil-A a little before noon for lunch.  Our ultimate destination – Catalyst.

The afternoon was a blast!  I got to speak at the Catalyst Lab on church planting along with Ed Stetzer and Darrin PatrickI used some of the content from the talk I did at last years Exponential Conference and then added some new stuff. I explained that a reproducing church planter will do the following:

  • Dream Big
  • Start Small
  • Love the Lost
  • Create a Community of Cultural Congruency

It’s funny to me how after a talk people will come up to me and thank me for what I said; when the truth is I’m pumped that there are that many people who are interested in planting churches and they come to hear me talk about one of my favorite subjects! Make sense?  We had a really big turnout for this lab.  It is more evidence to me that there is an ever increasing interest in church planting as a strategy to accomplish the mission of Jesus.  After the lab we had about three hundred people that stuck around for pizza and Q & A.  When the dust settled on a busy day a whole bunch of us that  were involved in putting together the church planting lab went out for dinner – that was the highlight for me!  Great group, good food and phenomenal time!

As long as we are on the topic of church planting; check out for a list of some of the blogs on church planting. 

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