Pilsen_band_1Today we launched our newest Community Christian Church Campus in the Pilsen neighborhood of Chicago.  It was an amazing start with more than 370 people (I was praying for 300) who showed up for the very first celebration service.  We started with two services; the first one in Spanish with Eli Orozco doing the teaching and the second service was in English and used our “short film”.  There were about 150 people in the first service and 220 people in the second service.  With only about 9% of the people in Chicago in church each weekend, I am really thrilled about the number of first time attenders!  For a long time we have been planning and praying about starting a new CCC location in Pilsen-Chicago.  The Pilsen neighborhood is the largest Hispanic community this side of East Los Angeles.  The team of Eli Orozco, Sam Menesses and Tony Escobar and a ton of CCC volunteers have turned this dream into a reality!  I am so proud of all them!

Pilsen_kidsI was speaking at our Romeoville location this weekend so Jon could be at CCC-Pilsens’ first service.  Jon called me after each service to give me the update.  I also got to talk to Katie Sutherland who has moved from Naperville to Pilsen to be a part of this new work.  She gave me a few details and promised to e-mail some pics later today.  Here are some of their comments:

  • “Eli did a great job up front as the campus pastor and when he did the teaching at the first service it was outstanding!”
  • “Sam, the band and the entire creative arts were as good on this first weekend as any CCC location.”
  • “The kids loved Tony in Kid City!”
  • “People stuck around in the hospitality area afterwords drinking coffee and hanging out.”
  • “People were into the ‘short film’…it seemed to really work!”
  • “There were more kids at the first service, but more total people at the second service.”

Thanks to everyone who sacrificed in any way to make this new CCC location possible.  I’m know that God is going to use this new site to allow thousands of people to find their way back to God!

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