Hero Maker: Five Essential Practices for Leaders to Multiply Leaders

Everybody wants to be a hero, but few understand the power of being a hero maker. In Hero Maker you will learn how to bring real change to your church and community by developing the practical skills to help others reach their leadership potential. Drawing on five powerful practices found in the ministry of Jesus, Hero Maker presents the key steps of apprenticeship that will build up other leaders and provides strategies for how you can activate gifts, help others take ownership, and develop a simple scorecard for measuring your kingdom-building progress. Amazon Barnes & Noble Church Source Christian Book

Starting Over: Your Life Beyond Regrets

We all have regrets about the past. Many of them come from our attempts to fulfill unmet longings. Dave and Jon Ferguson call this back and forth between longing and regret the Sorry Cycle—and they want to help us escape it.

In Starting Over, Dave and Jon show us how to recognize specific regrets and then release them to God as we learn to see our regrets as opportunities to start over. Finally, we can see God redeem our regrets as he takes the worst things in our lives and uses them for a greater good.

Whatever is trapping you in the Sorry Cycle, God is big enough to redeem it. Nothing needs to keep you from the joy God has for your life! What could you do with a life beyond regret?

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Starting Over Participant's Guide

We all have regrets. Many of them come from our attempts to fulfill unmet longings. The problem is many of us get stuck in in an endless cycle of longing and regret, unable to move forward. In this guide, Dave and Jon Ferguson want to help people recognize specific regrets, release them to God, and learn to see regrets as an opportunity to start over. Group leaders will find a session-by-session guide at the back of this guide. We can start over and live a life beyond regret.

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Finding Your Way Back To God: 5 Awakenings to Your New Life

Each of us spends our lives on a journey toward God. Yet often our most deeply felt longings—for meaning, for love, for significance—end up leading us away from, instead of toward, our Creator and the person he made us to be. Finding Your Way Back to God shows you how to understand and listen to your longings in a whole new way. It’s about waking up to who you really are, and daring to believe that God wants you to be found even more than you want to find him. It’s about making the biggest wager of your life: “God, if you are real, then make yourself real to me” - and seeing if God responds. Available Now Amazon Barnes & Noble CBD Parable Get an Excerpt

Finding Your Way Back To God: Participants Guide

The Finding Your Way Back to God Participant’s Guide explores the idea that we all want to find our way home – and back to God. The participant’s guide offers Bible investigation, life application questions, and prayer exercises help you take positive action on your desire to find God. Perfect for Individual or Small Group Study Amazon Barnes & Noble CBD Parable Multnomah

Finding Your Way Back To God: DVD

The Finding Your Way Back to God DVD explores the idea that we all want to find our way home and back to God. In each ten-minute video on the five-part DVD, Dave Ferguson and Jon Ferguson guide you through a life awakening inspiring you to follow the path God has laid out for returning to him. This DVD is designed to be used with the companion Participant's Guide. Companion DVD to the Participant's Guide Amazon Barnes & Noble CBD Parable Multnomah

Can I Find My Way Back To God? (booklet)

Do you believe God exists but struggle to connect with him?  Or maybe it has been a long time since you’ve believed God could make a real difference in your life? Perhaps you feel that God has forgotten you. Wherever you’re from, however hard or easy life has been for you, you have something deep inside you that longs for a connection with God. It’s a part of being human. Dave and Jon Ferguson help you take the first step toward a life changing spiritual awakening, from confusion to purpose, from regret to love, and from distance to closeness with God. Go further with the complete book by Dave Ferguson and Jon Ferguson - Finding Your Way Back to God: Five Awakenings for Your New Life Amazon Barnes & Noble CBD Parable

On the Verge: A Journey into the Apostolic Future of the Church

The church is on the verge of massive, category-shifting change. Contemporary church growth, despite its many blessings, has failed to stem the decline of Christianity in the West. We are now facing the fact that more of the same will not produce different results. Our times require a different kind of church—an apostolic, reproducing movement where every person is living a mission-sent life. Amazon Barnes & Noble CBD Parable

Exponential: How You and Your Friends Can Start a Missional Church Movement

Many of today’s Christians consider the missional challenge of Jesus—feed the hungry, comfort the lonely, bring people to God’s Word—as inspirational but not something that’s achievable. Or, they’ve heard the challenge of Jesus and are frustrated with how little they’ve done. Jesus gave his followers this mission because he wants them to hear it, be inspired, and then actually do it. Exponential will show them how. Amazon Barnes & Noble CBD Parable

The Big Idea: Aligning the Ministries of Your Church through Creative Collaboration

Community Christian Church embraced the Big Idea and everything changed. They decided to avoid the common mistake of bombarding people with so many “little ideas” that they suffered overload. They also recognized that leaders often don’t insist that the truth be lived out to accomplish Jesus’ mission. Why? Because people’s heads are swimming with too many little ideas, far more than they can ever apply. The Big Idea can help you creatively present one laser-focused theme each week to be discussed in families and small groups. It shows you how to engage in a process of creative collaboration that brings people together and maximizes missional impact. Amazon Barnes & Noble CBD Parable


Discover Your Mission Now

You were made with a mission in mind! If you're a follower of Jesus, He has an exciting part for you to play in His mission of changing the world. In this e-book, you will come to a crystal-clear understanding of the Jesus mission and your part in it. DOWNLOAD FROM EXPONENTIAL

Keeping Score: How to Know if Your Church is Winning

For most church leaders today, the idea of keeping score is a mystery about what really counts; what we should count; and how to put points on the scoreboard to know for sure our church is winning and advancing the cause of Christ. In Keeping Score, Dave Ferguson demystifies the “keeping score” concept to help you create a new scorecard grounded in solid theology and ministry practice that can tell your church if God’s kingdom is winning and advancing Jesus’ mission. DOWNLOAD FROM EXPONENTIAL

Becoming a Level Five Multiplying Church

In this new book, Exponential co-founders Todd Wilson and Dave Ferguson introduce and explore Exponential’s focus and theme for 2016: Becoming Five. Becoming a Level Five Multiplying Church continues a conversation started in the 2014 Exponential book Spark: Igniting a Culture of Multiplication, drilling down into more detail focusing on how we can each play our part in moving the needle on church multiplication. While Spark introduced these three core elements of culture, in this book Todd and Dave press more deeply into how we live them out. In this expanded version, Alan Hirsch also provides an additional chapter & comments throughout the book. DOWNLOAD FROM EXPONENTIAL