BloggingI had the unusual experience of meeting someone yesterday for the first time that already knew a little bit about me through this blog.  Kinda weird, but very cool.  That person was Margaret Slusher of Leadership Network.  Margaret is the Director of Church Planting Leadership Communities, and since she was in the Chicago area we got together to talk about church planting.  She definitely knows her stuff, and like everything associated with Leadership Network, I came away impressed.  She is in the process of putting together a Leadership Community that would focus on church planting networks (like our NewThing Network).  I know that CCC’s experience in being a part of the first Multi-Site Leadership Community was a huge benefit to us.  It created a terrific peer learning environment with some healthy competition and just the right amount of accountability.  If you are considering joining one of thier Leadership Communities, I highly recommend it.  (And Margaret if your reading – “HI!”)

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