BlogI got a couple blogs that are IPO’s in the blogosphere. I’d like for you to check them out and/or pass along these links to people who would be interested.

The first one is for the wives of church planters and you can find it at  I took a look at the site and the content that Jen Antonucci is putting out there is good stuff and I have a hunch will be a great help to the wives of church planters.  (And yes there should be a site for husbands of planters — but we don’t have enough women church planters, yet!)

The second site is Color Outside The Lines; a blog that is offering “thoughts and musings on multi-cultural church planting”.  Mont Mitchell, the Lead Pastor of Westbrook Church; a multi-cultural church is very passionate about this topic and has a lot of experience to share.

And while I’m talking about blogs, some other bloggers have been giving this blog some kudos.  So let me return the link love by mentioning a few friends:

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