We had a great weekend at Community.  And I’m not even talking about the 25 services at our 9 locations.  I got a couple weeks worth of post from this weekend.  But it all started on Saturday morning at Leadership Community when we were able to share some great news with the leaders that our God was entrusting us with record numbers of people – more than ever before!  And as cool as that was, that was not the highlight.  The highlight was getting to interview Donna and Jeremy who are leading 3C Communities.

These 3C Communities are not facility-dependent and are not staff-dependent.  They are a lot like a small group, except that this 3C Community becomes your church. Rather than starting a new community (new small group, new campus or new church) to help people find their way back to God; they are trying to redeem the communities of which they are a part.  Their hope is that these communities will one day be at a place where all three C’s (celebrate, connect and contribute) are experienced and that their friends will become Christ followers.

Donna loves to ride bikes (read Harleys) and loves bikers.
  Most of her biker friends are not interested when she invites them to come to one of our CCC sites.  But when she asked them if they would like to schedule regular rides on Sundays they all said yes!  So every Sunday she will be riding with her biker friends asking God to give her a chance to redeem that community and help her friends find their way back to God.  Donna believes that her greatest opportunity is that as a need arises she offers to pray with and for her friends.  She believes that will provide the way to more significant conversations and perhaps one day a community of bikers who are practicing the 3C’s.

Jeremy has a bunch of friends that love throwing darts in a local bar.  They like Jeremy and are more than willing to talk about spiritual things.  But they have not shown any interest in walking though the doors of a church.  So Jeremy is asking God to redeem the community that is heDarts
already a part of and he hopes to help his friends find their way back to God.  Jeremy doesn’t just wait for spiritual topics to come up.  Because he is very interested in spiritual things, it seems appropriate for him to talk about this with his friends – so he brings it up. He believes that through intentional conversations that they will grow and learn together and perhaps his buddies at the bar could become a group that practices the 3C’s.

As we fulfill the great commission we can either create brand new communities or we can redeem the communities of which we are a part.

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