Small_group_1If you are into small groups (and you should be!) then you need to check out Big Ideas About Small Groups.  Community Christian Church’s small groups staff started this blog within the last six months and it has great content!  Seriously!  I ran into Scott Hodge (my blogging mentor!) at Starbucks today and he was talking about the great content on this site and how he should do a post on his blog (and I hope he still does!).  And I thought, “he’s right, and I’m not sure much of the world knows about this site and the great resources on it…I should tell them!”  So, go right now and check out this blog by clicking HERE.  And if you want a couple of recommendations:

  • Download the CCC Coaching Guidebook.  The Coaching Guidebook will give you six questions that give direction to every coaching opportunity.
  • Check out the great video leader training modules on this post.

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