Strategic_2The last couple days I spent with our Campus Pastors and Champions on a planning retreat.  There were a couple times that I looked around the room and couldn’t help but notice what an exceptional group of leaders we have at Community.  God has really blessed us with a depth of high capacity leaders.  Most of the two days was piecing together a plan for the 2008-09 ministry year.  A big part of the discussion was the coming church wide initiatives.  Much of the vision for the coming year will be determined by the Campus Pastors for their campus.  We also discussed BIG IDEA’s for the coming year; common understandings of what we are calling “10 Campus Constants” and “Visible Red Tape”.  Some of this needs more discussion before I can post it, but I will.  But as I walked away I truly felt like we were putting into place the kind of structure that will allow us to very soon expand to 20 locations in Chicago on our way to 200 sites in our city.

One of the key conversations was also laying out measurable basic expectations for a campus.  These are not all the expectations and we certainly are counting on each campus pastor to go beyond the basics; but here they are:

  • 15% growth in attendance
  • 10% of your attendance in baptisms
  • 75% of your adults/students in small groups
  • 50% of your adults/students are 3C’s
  • 100% of budget

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