Florida_stormWhen I got up this morning in Orlando and I realized that the storm that woke me up around 5:00 am was a biggee!  It killed 14 people and damaged hundreds of homes.  I didn’t see any of the devastation, but it was on the news everywhere.

I flew down here yesterday for a meeting with Vision USAVision USA is passionate and committed to starting a dynamic and multi-denominational church planting movement that plants healthy, reproducing churches in the United States. Our part of Vision USA is Chicago.  This is a natural fit for us since part of dream ofVision_usa_2  CCC is to start 200 locations in Chicago and the dream of NewThing is to be a “catalyst for a movement of reproducing churches” which includes the great windy city!  By partnering with Vision USA we will be able to do it better and faster.  Gotta love that!  One of the highlights of the meeting was getting to hook up with my good friend Todd Wilson who is putting the systems and infrastructure together for Vision USA.  And of course Todd had another new idea that we are mulling.  Love it.  It was also great to reconnect with Bob Roberts.  Bob is so passionate about the Kingdom and how to transform societies.  I think some of the stuff that Bob was talking about has confirmed for me how we need to make a shift in our campus reproduction and our church planting efforts.  More on that later.

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