Big_idea_coverI just finished up working on the galley proofs of The BIG IDEA.  I really have no idea what “galley proofs” are but that is what Zondervan called it when they sent the book back to me to do some more editing.  I guess “galley proofs” is just the edited manuscript put in a generic form so it can be proofread.  I got this edit done (and by I, I’m referring to Pat and myself) and sent back to Zondervan; so it’s getting closer to being finished.

Why did Jon, Eric and myself write this book?  Because nothing is more dangerous than a single compelling idea that is lived out and nothing is more harmless than lots of little ideas never applied.  By creatively communicating one BIG IDEA every week your church will transform people into genuine Christ followers who live out the mission of Jesus.  Less is more!

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