Church plant[1]According to a recent Christian Post article there is some good news for the mission of Jesus in the United States.  In an article titled, Total U.S. Churches No Longer In Decline it points out that every year there are now 4,000 churches being planted in the U.S. while 3500 churches will close their doors.  This bottom line is this:  we are seeing a net gain of 500 new churches every year in the United States.

Over the last several years through COMMUNITY, NewThing, the Exponential Conference and more recently through our new book, Exponential: How You And Your Friends Can Start A Missional Church Movement many of us have championed the cause of church planting.  It is good to see that we are now on the positive side and seeing a net gain in new churches.  The next challenge is to not merely be content with addition, but to move toward multiplication and ultimately a movement.

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