I know it sounds cliche, but I really can’t believe that 18 years have gone this fast!  On Friday we drove up to Grand Rapids and on Saturday we said good-bye to our oldest as she started college at Cornerstone University.  We got her moved into her room, ate dinner in the cafeteria and then went with her to a dedication service.  Dr. Joseph Stowell, the new President told students the most important person they will meet in their four years of college is not new friends or even a potential mate, but Jesus.  After his message he had all the students come forward while the parents prayed over them.  Then he asked all the students to kneel during a prayer of dedication.  The service was moving and gave both Sue and I confidence about Amy’s choice for school.

Was it hard to say good-bye?  Yes.  Back when Amy was a preschooler, at bedtime I would snuggle her and  tell her stories and then hold her little face and say, “you know I’m crazy about you.”  I still am!  So, yes it was hard.

Was it hard to say good-bye?  On the other hand, no.  I feel a tremendous amount of confidence in her ability and in her willingness to relentlessly follow Jesus.  She is ready for this next adventure and she is in a good place.

The goal of every parent should be to raise and release responsible adults who love and follow Jesus.  Amy’s first day at Cornerstone University was a big day for Amy and for us.

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