Ccc_2I spent all day at our Montgomery/Oswego location for an all-staff retreat.  I really love our team.  Seriously.  We have the best people and the best time when we are together.  And today was no exception.  The only problem today was that my volleyball team did not win it all.  We were destroyed by one of the Naperville teams.  Ugh!

This all-staff retreat is critical for finalizing our initiatives for the coming ministry year (October ’07-September ’08).  It looks like this coming year could include at least one and maybe two new locations with our sites on a third in the near future.  We are still working out the details to see if we can pull all this off.  This next year may also include a re-defining of spiritual maturity that calls all CCC people out of a infantile spirituality to adult spirituality (more to come).  One of the things that I’m most excited about is the possibility of experimenting with new forms of church to reach people we currently aren’t reaching (again…more to come).

The next step for me is to take all the input I got from our staff and summarizes these initiatives into two or three key initiatives with a memorable theme for the coming year.  Then I will present this to our Lead Team and once everyone is on board I will present it to our staff at the end of August and to our Leadership Community on September 8th.

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