What an amazing weekend!!  The only way to describe what took place this past weekend is to say it was a God-Thing!!  There are soNext_logo_2_1
many highlights, let me hit a few.  One of the big highlights is the way that people of Community Christian Church sacrificed for the NEXT mission.  We believe the NEXT mission that God has for us is to start 7 more locations and help the next 5,000 people find thier way back to God.  This NEXT mission will cost $2.2M within this upcoming year.  After our Leadership Community we had 365 pledges from CCC leaders for $1.5M.  The average CCC leader pledged to give more than $4k above their regular tithing in the upcoming year!  Wow.  Then the rest of CCC pledged this weekend and we have definitely surpassed the $2.2M mark with a number of pledges that are still coming in.  We will announce the official total next weekend.  it is awesome to be a part of something where God is so obviously at work!

On top of all that this last weekend we completed our Christian No More series where we have been Baptism_1
challenging people to leave behind the empty title of “Christian” that 85% of the U.S. population wear and to become a geuine Christ Follower.  (And if you haven’t checked out the Mac vs. PC parody videos for Christian No More, click HERE.)   We were teaching from Acts 2 where the adventures of the first Christ Followers
began with over 3,000 people getting baptized.  So we asked anyone who wants to be a Christ Follower to get baptized today!  And we had at least 34 people take us up on it and on the spot jump in and get baptized!  Remarkable!

But there is still more!  Perhaps the one thing that we did that has the greatest potential forCrossings_1
Kingdom expansion is the commissioning of Mark & Monica Nelson and the team from Knoxville, Tennessee who will be planting a NewThing church called Crossings.  Mark describes the commissioning experience on his blog, Standing on the Desk.  Like every NewThing church we have commissioned we have  people moving from Chicago to be a part of this new missional endeavor.  Crossings first public celebration service will be February 11th, 2007.  I believe Crossings will get off to a great start and soon be starting thier own network within the next few years and helping thousands find thier way back to God.

It’s a God-thing.  Love it!

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