I am not sure that I have ever used the word “love” and “politician” in the same sentence before; but when it comes to George Pradel, the Mayor of Naperville – I love this guy!  George is a lifetime resident of Naperville, bold about his love for Jesus; and before becoming mayor was legendary on the police force as “Officer Friendly”.  I should write a whole post some time about all the good-will stories I have heard about George – they are numerous!

But here is one more reason why I love George Pradel.  Yesterday I opened our local paper, Naperville Sun and George wrote an article titled, Economic Crisis A Chance To Become Better Neighbors. It’s not a brilliant article; but just Godly leadership reminding us that we have been blessed and that in times of economic distress, the best response is generosity.  I love it!  The article reads:  “Moms and dads, boys and girls, grandmas and grandpas, it is my sincere hope that all of you are weathering the economic downturn our entire country is experiencing as well as can be expected. Although the economy might be continuing in a downward trend, I am confident that the strong giving spirit of Naperville will shine through. Let’s remember at this time to reach out to our neighbors and friends to help them make it through this crisis.  One way to do this is through the faith-based community… (entire article)

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