Cardinals_win_world_seriesCongrats to the World Champ St. Louis Cardinals!  My very first favorite sports team was the St. Louis Cardinals.  I was born in Missouri and my Dad was a Cardinal fan and since they had Lou Brock, Bob Gibson and more it was hard not to love them.  Once we moved to Chicago, my Dad and brother became Cub fans and I stayed loyal to the Cardinals.  The first game I ever went to was at Wrigley Field and it was Cubs vs. the Cardinals that went extra innings…17 innings!  And ever since then baseball has been a point of contention in our extended family.  It was probably my love for the Cardinals and confusion about why anyone would support the Cubs that led me as an adult to become a White Sox fan.  Last year, the White Sox win it all and this year the Cardinals win it all – what a nightmare for all you Cub fans.

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