Ozark_christian_collegeI’m on my way home after a quick 24 Hours in the Ozarks.  I was speaking at a Teaching Convention at Ozark Christian College.  (It’s kind of funny being here – I almost ended up graduating from OCC.  But that’s a long story and an even longer post!)  I got to briefly connect with Ken Idleman (the current President), he has always been very kind to me – great guy.  And I also got to talk with Matt Proctor the President-elect.  Part of his future vision is for OCC to partner with churches like CCC by providing theological training for people we bring on staff from the marketplace.  I told him I thought there was a growing demand for this and someone needs to fill tht niche.  My favorite compliment of the day came from Mark Scott who whispered to me after my main session teaching from Ephesians 4, “D.A. Carson would have approved.”  I didn’t read D.A. Carsons stuff on Ephesians (although I did get some stuff from Mark Driscoll who…), but I’m glad he would have liked it!

I was asked to do two workshops.  The first was on the Reproducing Church (if you want the handout: Download reproducing_church02.06.pdf ) and the second was on What’s The Big Idea? (here’s that handout: Download whats_the_big_idea02_06.pdf )  That was the first time I ever did stuff from our soon-to-be published book/manuscript and it felt really good!  The main session I did was on the Missional Church and the text they assigned me was Ephesians 4.  It was a challenge to write something brand new for this talk, but I do feel like i have a better handle on the five functions of Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor and Teacher.

I talked to several people about helping their churches go multi-site.  There was also a lot of interest in the NewThing Network.  One guy was insisting that Bentonville, Arkansas is one of the fastest growing areas in the country and that we needed to start a new church there.  Maybe he is right!?!  I know that is Wal-Marts headquarters, but that’s all I got.  Anyone know anything about that part of the country?

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