2deepIt is all about developing more and better leaders and more and better artists.  I have said that over and over and over.  And I believe it!  But here is someone else saying it, but I think saying it in a more compelling way:  “2 DEEP”.  I love it.  Dan Southerland, who is the new Lead Teaching Pastor at Westside Family Church is challenging everyone on his new team that they need to be “2 DEEP”“2 DEEP” means that every staff, coach, leader or volunteer
should be developing a bench that is at least 2 deep.  Call it
‘apprenticing’ or whatever.  Each person should be investing in
developing another person to expand their ministry. The lid to the
church’s growth is not buildings, sites, strategy, creativity, or even
vision….it’s leaders….because leaders give you all of the above.
  Campus Pastor Jason Morris made the connect between how we say it at CCC/NewThing and how Dan articulates the value of reproducing.  Thanks Jason!

All right COMMUNITY…a new way to say something we have been saying for a long time:  “Everyone needs to be at least 2 DEEP.”

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