This past weekend was another amazing weekend in the life of COMMUNITY as we continued our OMG series explaining why we do what we do in worship.  The BIG IDEA was “Why Giving?” and we asked people take the 10 for 10 Worship Challenge and try giving 10% for 10 weeks. We had lots of people say “yes” to tithe for the first time and others who said yes to go beyond the tithe.  One person wrote:  “Wow, the service this weekend really touched me.  My husband and I have been a least tithing for probably four years.  God really made it clear to me that we have adjusted to just tithing and that He wants us to worship Him with our giving.  We are accepting the 10-week challenge by increasing our giving.”  If you want to read more stories, leave comments or ask questions, check out the 10 Week Challenge blog.

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