0708_initiatives_4“I have never been as excited about the future of Community Christian Church as I am today!”  That is how I started my vision time on Saturday at Leadership Community.  One reason I’m feeling so pumped about CCC is the current momentum we have after the last few weekends.  We have seen about a 30% jump in attendance.  A second reason is just a growing sense that God is going to do something extraordinary in the coming months.  I can’t wait!

The key verse for us in the coming year is from Ephesians 4:4 – “You were called to travel the same road and in the same direction, so stay together both outwardly and inwardly”.  The Apostle Paul is talking to the church in Ephesus about unity.  And unity in mission is going to be critical to our success in the coming year.  Ever heard of “drafting”? It’s a term that is used in auto racing. It’s also used in competitive biking, running
and Olympic swimming. “Drafting” is when you get behind someone else or a group
and the momentum of the group allows you to move with greater velocity while
exerting less energy. It’s called “drafting”. It was race car driver Junior Johnson that
“drafted” most of the way to the finish line of an Indy 500 that he won. He won the race despite being 10 mph slower
than his competitor. In a marathon a
runner can take 5-10 seconds off every mile by “drafting” off the pack. For us to be successful in the coming year it
will mean that every one of us is 3C! (celebrating, connecting, contributing) It will also mean that every one of the
people in our groups and teams is 3C (celebrating, connecting, contributing). Because if just one of us is not headed in
the same direction it slows down the whole group. As a church we are going on a road trip this
year…important that “we all travel the
same road in the same direction; stay together outwardly and inwardly.”

During the next week I will post about each of our four all-church initiatives.

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