Willow_arts_conferenceLeft the Yellow Box this morning around 6 am to make the trek to mecca and be a part of the Willow Creek Arts Conference.  You can take all the shots you want at mega churches and how we don’t need facilities (and I don’t think facilities are necessary, oly important), but Willow’s facility is remarkable!  Eric and several other CCC staff were here yesterday.  I guess Eric got his moment of fame on the main stage.  Sounded like he was very funny – if you want to check it out, click HERE.

Eric and I just finished up a “cup of coffee roundtable” with a handful of arts leaders from across the country who wanted to talk to us about The Big Idea.  Kinda fun.  In about an hour we will be doing a break out for a few hundred people on The Big Idea:  Creating A Healthy Relationship Between the Lead Pastor and the Lead Artist.  Eric and I always have a good time doing this.  I am the one who over Big_idea_at_willow_arts_conference prepares and he is the one who wings it.  He always gets more laughs; but I like to think he needs a straight guy to get his laughs.  So, I will be playing the part of the straight guy.

It’s still kinda weird to walk into some place and see a book you wrote on a shelf…particularly when it is right next to a book by Donald Miller.

Also, kinda cool – thanks to a friend at the WCA I got to meet Mark Miller who is the Vice President of Training & Development for Chick-Fil-A.  He wrote a book with Ken Blanchard and John Maxwell titled, The Secret:  What Great Leaders Know and Do.  I have not read it, but I will.  He offered to connect at a later time to discuss franchising.  With 8 CCC locations and 13 NewThing affiliates, the more I understand about franchising the better.

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