Ccc_2_3We just finished our once a week all-staff meeting and it was another reminder of why I love these people!!  We begin every meeting with the question, “Where are we winning?”  And today we heard this kind of stuff:

  • We had hundreds of people make commitments this past weekend and in many cases they were first time commitments to become Christ Followers.  One guy who was doing community service for the third week at CCC so he could fulfill his probation requirement stuck around for the service at our Naperville-downtown location.  After hearing the message for the second time he asked one of our leaders, “hey, can I get baptized too?”  Awesome!!
  • 13 people decided to spontaneously get baptized last weekend at our Naperville-Yellow Box location.   One lady said, “when I came in I heard the water filling the baptistery and I told my husband, ‘great, they are doing baptisms!’  What I didn’t know was that I would be the one getting baptized!”
  • I had one guy come up to me after the message with tears in his eyes and say, “Dave, I am lost!”  He decided to commit his life to following Jesus and is going to be baptized.  Love it!
  • We just came off of the best giving month in the history of CCC.  We had the highest per capita giving ever!  People love giving to the mission of “helping people find their way back to God”.
  • We had a record attendance at our Leadership Community this weekend!  My favorite event of every month is sharing the vision that God has given us at CCC.
  • We had four churches that came to our Hitchhikers Guide to Multi-Site and one of them is planning on starting their second site in April and their third site this Fall.  Wow!

See, why I love CCC!

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