Blur_1The last three days have been a total blur – just one thing flying at me after another.  Do you remember the old video games you would play and you could push the hyper-space button?  Suddenly you would travel exponentially faster and everything would become real blurry?   I think someone pushed the hyper-space button on my life and for the last few days everything suddenly blurry.  So, here are a few of the highlights during my time in hyper-space:

  • Amy got her driver’s license and for her first outing took her brother Josh out for dinner and drove him to Stuco. (The irony?  The two kids went out to eat and their mother was so nervous she couldn’t eat!)
  • Josh got a walking cast – an accident that happened at Junior High Camp.
  • CCC to the first steps in implementing a new twist on our organizational design.  This has now become an annual ordeal.
  • Jon and I had a conference call with all our NewThing Apprentice Churches – good stuff happening across the country!
  • I met with a group of leaders over dessert about NEXT (more to come!)
  • Hooked up with an old friend from High School, Weldon Williams who is the pastor of Triumph Community Church in Bolingbrook.  We spent a lot of time catching up and he had some great insights for me how to do a better job reaching the African-American community at some of our CCC sites.
  • Had lunch with Dale Hummel the lead Pastor at Evangelical Free Church of Naperville.  He has done a great job leading that church since he arrived 5 years ago.  Dale came to one of our NewThing Multi-Site Practicums and they are planning on going multi-site in the future. EFCN is doing a good job of getting newcomers involved and included.  I’m going to follow-up with Dale and his team on this, I think we could really learn from them.
  • Had a short but energizing conversation with Bob Roberts, author, apostle and pastor of Northwoods Church.  Bob and his church have helped plant more than 100 church so we talked about church planting and some plans for the National New Church Conference (inside scoop: Bill Hybels has agreed to do one of the main sessions) and the Leadership Network Church Planting Leadership Community.
  • And the White Sox lost a whole bunch of games…ugh!?!

So, it has been a blur the last few days.  Good stuff.  Mostly God stuff.  But a lot of stuff!

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