So, who are you inviting to our new series, WITH?   I have invited three people to come with me.  First is a friend from my neighborhood who has never been to COMMUNITY.  The second person I invited is a girl who works at a local coffee shop.  And the most recent person is someone that Jon Ferguson and I know who works at a restaurant we frequent.  Two of them said they are definitely coming and I’m waiting to hear from the other.  Our mission is to help people find their way back to God, so let’s do it!  This coming weekend at COMMUNITY is going to be a great weekend, but it will be even greater if you have a friend, neighbor, co-worker or family member with you at COMMUNITY for the first time.

Over the next few days as God brings people to mind, invite them to our WITH series. WITH is a series about how to make relationships work and the importance of who you do life WITH.  I promise it will make a difference in your life and your friends’ lives. One of the easiest ways to invite a friend, neighbor or co-worker is send an e-invite.  You can send an e-invite just by clicking HERE. We also have thousands of high quality invitations you can pick up at your COMMUNITY campus.  And, just for fun, join in the WITH Hunt by posting photos of you WITH your friends.  You might even win an IPOD!
Who are you inviting to WITH this weekend?

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