Tornado1This has been a whirlwind of a week in San Diego!  The Coast-to-Coast Multi-Site Conference was a big success!  Besides selling out for the third time in a row; the 700+ attenders seemed engaged from the moment it started till I gave the closing session. If you’d like a summary of my closing session, blogger Jeff Leake on Launching Pad does a great job summarizing my session on Creating Missional Velocity.  If you want more, DJ Chaung has some video from the main sessions where I spoke and Mark Driscoll spoke.

One thing that was different about this conference was how busy I was doing stuff every minute.  I did a video interview for Outreach magazine.  I did a podcast for Leadership Network Books regarding the release of our book, The BIG IDEA. I did a video promoting the Leadership Network Leadership Communities (and they are great!) and another video promoting the upcoming Coast-to-Coast Multi-Site Conference that will be back in Chicago on October 22 & 23.  It seemed like much of my time was consumed doing this kind of stuff so I didn’t get to sit in on as many sessions.  Bummer.  But NewThing did host a dinner and that was very cool!  Why?  I got to hang out with John Bishop of Living Hope Church and Troy Gramling of Flamingo Road Church.  These guys are both great leaders and are serious about reproducing sites.  Living Hope Church was running about 450 people three years ago and since then they have started six sites and are now running about 5000 and have baptized 2000 people during that time.  That is not a typo; they baptized 2000 people!  Wow! Flamingo Road started 4 sites all at once and they now have an internet site and a site in Lima, Peru.  Gotta love it!

As soon as the Coast-to-Coast Multi-Site Conference ended I left Vista, California and drove twenty minutes to Escondido, California to do a panel discussion for Church Planting Leadership Community sponsored by Leadership Network.  On the panel with me was Larry Osborne and Greg Surratt – they were positioning us as the pioneers in the multi-site church movement and wanted to know what we did to catalyze that movement.  We definitely don’t deserve the credit for that, but it was interesting to reflect on God used certain circumstances to impact the way church is being done differently now in North America.

Well, that was part one of my whirwind week.  I’m now at the National Pastors Conference and totally digging it.  I’ll give you a little more on that tomorrow.

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