If you asked me, “Dave where should I look for a used car?” I’d say, “check out craigslist.”  And if you asked me “where can I find a hub cab for my ’96 Nissan Maxima GXE?”  I’d say, “check out craigslist.” And if you asked me, “where can I find a drummer for my band this weekend?”  Again I’d say, “check out craigslist.” Seriously.  I discovered that many of our Campus Arts Directors post ads on craigslist searching for band members and get lots of responses.  Sam Menesses, who leads the arts at CCC-Pilsen has found over 30 artists thru craigslist.  Tommy Bowman who leads the arts at a NewThing church in Kasas City has found more than 18 artists in just the first six months of the life of Restore Community Church.  I was told that most of these artists are musicians who were in churches where they weren’t being used or churches that didn’t play the kind of music they like to play.  So, looking for artists?  Try an ad in craigslist.

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