What are the most Innovative things you’ve seen churches do in the past year?  I got an e-mail from Tony Morgan, who is working with Outreach Magazine to discover what great innovations are happening in the church. In recent years they have compiled a list of the most innovative churches and Community Christian Church has made the list every year.  However, Tony and Outreach are doing things a little different this year; Instead of focusing on innovative churches, they’re trying to uncover the innovations themselves.

This is where I need your help!  Could you  take this BRIEF SURVEY on innovations in the church? They’re really looking for stories of life-change that are happening because ministries were willing to take a risk.  The plan is to share learnings from a broad cross-section of churches. If we get enough people participating this it could be a big help to the larger church.

And if you have the time, leave a comment on this blog sharing some of the church innovations that you are excited about!

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