3c_journals_5Three weeks ago we asked everyone at Community to take on the 21-Day Challenge and journal through the 21 chapters of John for 21 consecutive days. Our hope was that if we could get everyone journaling for 21 days that it would become a habit.  I did 21 journal entries on this blog as an example of how do journaling.   And I have heard from many of you who have joined me in this challenge – thanks!  I know for many this has been a life-changing experience.  I know that it has also been a powerful experience for many of our small groups to have everyone journaling through the same section of scripture at the same time.  I know that there are other people across the country that have taken this challenge on themselves and/or issued the challenge to their churches.  All good stuff!

After finishing these 21 day I have learned a few things that I have learned and would like to pass along:

  1. WE ALL NEED TO HEAR FROM GOD EVERYDAY.  I am more convinced of this than ever in my life.  If I had one wish for the people of Community it would be that every person heard from God everyday.  If that would happen there is no doubt that we could accomplish the mission of Jesus.  It really is that simple:  hearing from God and then doing what he says.
  2. JOURNALING IS A GREAT MULTI-FACETED SPIRITUAL DISCIPLINE.  For a long time I encouraged people to discover what spiritual discipline best fit their personality and I refused to be so narrow-minded as to insist that we should all do one thing.  I found the result of that kind of challenge was less than effective.  So, I have started challenging everyone to journal.  It is a great multi-faceted spiritual discipline.  It includes the following:  Bible reading, mediation, prayer and silence.  I know of no other spiritual discipline that is so integrated.  So, now I recommend that everyone journal.
  3. WE NEED TO GROW FROM “BEING FED” TO “FEEDING OURSELVES” TO “FEEDING OTHERS”.  Churches world-wide are suffering from pastor-dependency.  Whether it
    is a mega-church with a charismatic pastor or a church in Korea where
    people show up every morning for early prayer services just to hear from the
    pastor – we must break this dependency.  And those churches that aren’t suffering from pastor-dependency are aching from program dependency – where someone has to show up a the church building for some program to hear from God.  We need to make sure that Christ Followers grow out of these dependency.  Journaling is a great way for a Christ Follower to mature beyond
    spiritual infancy where you are getting fed to become a self-feeder.
    This discipline is also easily taught and reproducible so people can learn
    to “feed others” by teaching others to journal themselves.

If you missed this challenge, we will be challenging people again in January with a 21-day challenge to journal through the Psalms.  So, stay tuned.  Or better yet – start journaling today!

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