What_do_you_expectI’m really looking forward to this next series – What Do You Expect?  Of course, I’m pumped because it is Easter.  But I also know this will be a great series to invite your friends to.  Researchers tell us that the people who are most happy and healthy are the ones whose expectations best match reality.  In this series, we will look at how our expectations of God, church, and ourselves affect our spiritual lives and our overall experience of life.  Click HERE and send an e-invite to a friend, family member, co-worker or neighbor.  Here are the three parts to this terrific series:

  • What Do You Expect From God? – April 7 & 8
  • What Do You Expect From Church? – April 14 & 15
  • What Do You Expect From Yourself? – April 21 & 22

So, invite a friend to this series – I promise it will be more than they expected!!

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