John_maxwell_1Church Business Magazine had a brief but interesting interview in the May edition with John Maxwell.  For most of Maxwell’s life he was a pastor and is now the author of more than 30 books on leadership and considered one of the foremost experts on the topic.  My favorite part of the interview was when they asked him this questions:  “What leadership lessons should church leaders adopt from secular business?” 

Maxwell responded that the church should learn these three lessons from business:  “Excellence…without any question, the secular community spends a lot more time trying to achieve excellence than local congregations do.  The second is commitment.  This really grieves my heart, but the secular community will do more for the dollar than the Christian community will do for a soul.  The third…a willingness to change.  The secular community changes much quicker than the Christian community, but that’s because they have to.  If they don’t change quickly, they go out of business.  Four out of five small businesses never make it…the church is slower to change.”

So, what other lessons do you think church could learn from business?  Or do you think church has already become too corporate?

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