Ccc_new_officesWe officially moved into the new office space at CCC-Yellow Box today!

This is only a part of the new office space, but it is the part that I see from my desk everyday.  We have about 14-16 people just on this side of the green wall. We have another 20 people with offices and hoteling on the other side of the wall; and still more staff in other spaces and sites.  We actually like it this way!!  And we not only like it, but think it is better.

When we first started Community Christian Church all five of us had our office space together in the Sunday School supply closet of First Christian Church of Naperville.  When we finally got some real space in an office park we still couldn’t afford enough space for everyone to have their own office (you know with nice book shelf and all that) so we crammed about four or five staff in a  room that would typically  be one office.  We discovered a few things along the way.

  1. It feels like a college dorm room. (which we like!)  The idea for Community Christian Church came to life in a college dorm room between a handful of friends.  From the day we started till now it still feels like a group of friend who are on a mission.  In many ways it still has that feel of a bunch of college students hanging out dreaming about how to accomplish the mission of Jesus (Acts 1:8)
  2. It is efficient.  Since we are in such close proximity a lot of business gets done on the way to the copier or across the room.  We have lots of meetings but there is a ton of work that gets done outside meetings while we are doing our work at our desks.  The  accidental conversations are what spark a lot of the  innovations that have made CCC such a remarkable place.
  3. It creates community.  We are really doing life together.   When you are so physically close to each other you know when someone is having a good day, a bad day; you know when they are fighting with their spouse or when they just got some great news!  When your staff is living in community it creates a culture that encourages the whole church to live authentically together.
  4. It is more fun!  Since we are fun; being closer to one another makes this office more fun.  Just this afternoon, Jon was showing off his athletic ability and climbed the green wall.  First time in the new office.  We were all laughing at him.

What are your offices like?  What kind of environment and culture do they create?

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