I just finished doing an interview with Steve Cochran on WGN radio.  I called Steve, a Community Christian Church attender earlier this week and told him that we are collecting 6,000 toys for kids in East Aurora and that we could use his help getting the word out to people in Chicago.  So, Steve got me on the air and gave a great plug for our Gift Mart.  Thanks Steve and thanks WGN!!  I already got this e-mail:   Hello Dave,  I was listening to WGN today and I believe I heard you?  I’m sorry I couldn’t write and drive at the same time. Where can I drop off toys?  Anyway I would like to drop off a gift for the Christmas giving you support in East Aurora.  Thank You, it sounds like a tremendous program for our community.  Tom  This is for Tom or anyone else who you would like to participate in the Gift Mart, click HERE.

Guess who was the guest after me on Steve’s show?  President Carter!  I bet he would like our Gift Mart.

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