Sold_2As I was leaving Starbucks last week in walked Patrick.  After a real and genuine search of all things spiritual Pat became a Christ Follower a little less than three years ago.  Pat told me his amazing story of finding his way back to God; how grateful he was to Community Christian Church and in the process reminded me of exactly why we do what we do.  (I never get tired of hearing those stories.)  But before Pat could remind me of his journey, he kind of exploded with, “we sold our house and we are moving to Kansas City to help start the new church!”  Pat and his wife Nancy believe God is asking them to quit their well-paying jobs, sell their house and relocate their family to Kansas City where Pat will be an Apprentice Campus Pastor.  As I talked to Pat you could feel the faith that was surrounding him.  This is was a perhaps the most pivotal day in his spiritual journey; the day he decided to risk all  the things that most of us value on Jesus and the Kingdom of God.  In many ways this decision I’m sure was much harder than the day he said “yes” to Jesus or the day he was baptized.

I am sooo proud of Patrick and Nancy.  Because of their faith and courage others will have the faith and courage to do the same.  I’ve seen it happen many times before and we will see it happen many times again.  I love that I get to be a part of a church that is “helping people find their way back to God.  I love that I get to be a part of a network where people sell everything they have for the cause and mission of Jesus.  I still believe that we can accomplish the Jesus mission!

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